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Royal Profile: Archduchess Magdalena of Austria

Archduchess Magdalena Maria Alexandra Zita Charlotte of Austria was born on 24 Februrary 2016 as the second daughter of Archduke Imre of Austria and Archduchess Kathleen of Austria {Source}. She has an older sister{Source}:
  • Archduchess Maria-Stella Elizabeth Christiana Yolande Alberta of Austria (2013)

Archduchess Magdalena was likely named:
  • Magdalena: for her ancestress Archduchess Magdalena of Austria (1532-1590)
  • Maria: popular name in the Austrian line, for the Virgin Mary
  • Alexandra: likely  for Alexandra Deptula, a friend of her mother
  • Zita: for her great-great grandmother Princess Zita of Bourbon-Parma
  • Charlotte: for her great grandmother, Grand Duchess Joséphine-Charlotte of Luxembourg, Princess of Belgium
She resides in Luxembourg with her parents and older sister {Source}. Archduchess Magdalena was baptized in April 2016, again, with no word on who her godparents were {Photo}

Royal Profile: Arrietta Morales y de Grecia

Arrietta Morales y de Grecia was born 24 February 2002 in Barcelona, Spain, the eldest of Princess Alexia of Greece & Denmark and Carlos Morales's children{Source}. She has two younger sisters and a younger brother{Source}:
  • Ana-Maria Morales y de Grecia(2003)
  • Carlos Morales y de Grecia (2005)
  • Amelia Morales y de Grecia(2007)

She was baptized on 30 June 2002 {Source}. Her godparents consisted of{Source}:
  • Princess Theodora of Greece (maternal aunt)
  • Maria Teresa Morales (paternal aunt)
  • Infanta Cristina of Spain (1st cousin of her mother) 
  • Manuel Cabrera (friend of her father) 
  • and an unknown Greek friend of her mother 
She resides in Puerto Calero, Lanzarote, Canary Islands in a house designed by her father {Source}.

She is the granddaughter of Queen Anne-Marie of The Hellenes & King Constantine II of Greece. Technically, she is biologically related to the following monarchs and/or consorts (current and former):
  • Queen Elizabeth II is her 3rd cousin 2x removed, through The Princess Victoria, The Princess Royal.
  • The Duke of Edinburgh is her 1st cousins 3x removed, through King George I of Greece.
  • Queen Margrethe II of Denmark is 3rd cousin 2x removed, through The Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught and Strathearn as well as her great aunt from her grandmother's side.
  • King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden is her 2nd cousins 2x removed, through Queen Victoria.
  • King Juan Carlos I of Spain is 3rd cousins 1x removed, through Queen Victoria.
  • Queen Sofia of Spain is great aunt though King Paul and Queen Fredrica-Arrietta's grandfather is Queen Sofia's younger brother.

Technically, she is 8th in line for the Greek throne after her uncle, 4 cousins, mother and brother.

Royal Profile: Prince Carlo of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, Duke of Castro

Prince Carlo of Bourbon-Two Siclles, The Duke of Castro was born 24 February 1963 as the only son of Ferdinand, Duke of Castro and Chantal de Chevron-Villette {Source}. He has He he baptized in France with the name Charles Marie Bernade Gennaro, but he generally uses the Italian form of his name, Carlo {Source}.

The Duke of Castro has two elder sisters, and between them they have four children{Source}:
  1. Princess Béatrice Marie Caroline Louise Françoise of the Two Sicilies (1950)
      1. Princess Caroline Marie Constance Napoléon (1980)
        1. Éric Quérénet-Onfroy de Breville (1971, m. 2009)
          1. Elvire Quérénet-Onfroy de Breville (2010)
          2. Augustin Quérénet-Onfroy de Breville (2013)
      2. Prince Jean-Christophe Napoléon (1986)
  2. Princess Anne Marie Caroline Carmen of the Two Sicilies (1957)
    1. Nicolas Cochin (1979)
    2. Dorothée Cochin (1985)
Prince Carlo was educated firstly at the Institute of the Marist Fathers at Toulon, France{Source}. He went on to study at a namesake of the Collège Stanislas de Paris{Source}. After studying at an international university in Paris, he spent three years working for a public relations firm in New York, NY USA {Source}. He is fluent in Italian, French and English {Source}.

In 2008, Carlo succeeded his father as claimant to the headship of the House of the Two Sicilies. As head of the house, he uses the title Duke of Castro{Source}.

On 31 October 1998, he married Camilla Crocini {Source}. Together, they have two daughters{Source}:
  1. Princess Maria Carolina, Hereditary Princess of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, The Duchess of Calabria & Palermo (2003)
  2. Princess Maria Chiara of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, The Duchess of Capri (2005) 
He and his family maintain homes in Monaco, Paris and Rome{Source}.

He is also a Royal Godfather to two children:
  1. Prince Gaston d'Orléans (2009)
  2. Princess Josephine of Denmark (2011) {Source}

In his capacity as Grand Master of the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of Saint George promotes and coordinates the activities beneficial - and cultural welfare of this ancient order of knighthood{Source}.

Royal Profile: Princess Maria Gabriella of Savoy

Princess Maria Gabriella of Savoy was born 24 February 1940 as the third child of The Prince and Princess of Piedmont who were later King Umberto II & Princess Marie José de Belgique {Source}. She has two older siblings and a younger sister{Source}:

  1. Princess Maria Pia Elena Elisabetta Margherita Milena Mafalda Ludovica Tecla Gennara of Bourbon-Parma (1934)
    1. Prince Alexander of Yugoslavia (m 1955)
      1. Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia (1958)
      1. Prince Michael of Yugoslavia (1958)
      1. Prince Sergius Wladimir Emanuel Marie of Yugoslavia (1963)  
      1. Princess Helene Olga Lydia Tamara Maria of Yugoslavia (1963)
        1. Thierry Gaubert (m. 1988)
          1. Milena Maria-Pia Angelique Armaule Gaubert (1988)
          2. Nastasia Marie José Tania Vanessa Isabelle Gaubert (1991)
          3. Leopold Umberto Armand Michel Gaubert (1997
  2. Vittorio Emanuele, Prince of Naples (1937)
    1. Marina, Princess of Naples (1935, m. 1971)
      1. Emanuele Filiberto, Prince of Venice (1972)
        1. Clotilde, Princess of Venice (1972)
          1. Princess Vittoria of Savoy (2003)
          2. Princess Luisa of Savoy (2006)
          3. two adopted sons
  3. Princess Maria Beatrice Caroline of Savoy (1943)
    1. Luis Rafael Reyna-Corvalán y Dillon(1939-1999, m. 1970)
      1. Rafael Humberto Lupo Corvalán-Reyna y de Saboya (1970-1994)
        1. Margaret Beatty Tyler (1966, engaged, never married)
          1. Uriel Tyler (1994)
      2. Patrizio Corvalán-Reyna y de Saboya (1971-1971)
      3. Azaea Beatrice Corvalán-Reyna y de Saboya (1973)
        1. Arturo Pando y Mundet (1973, m. 1996, div)
          1. Marie José  Pando y Corvalán-Reyna (1996)

In 1943, she moved to Switzerland with her mother and siblings to avoid Nazi capture. In 1945, they returned to Italy. Upon the fall of the monarchy in 1946, her family gathered in Portugal then she fled with her mother and siblings to Switzerland again.

The young Princess was educated in Switzerland, and took courses at a school associated with the Lovre in Paris {Source}. After her father died in 1983, with the approval of her brother, she launched the King Umberto II Foundation in Switzerland, which is dedicated to preservation of the Royal House and its history. She participated in several cultural exhibits during the 1992 Olympics in Albertville. She has also co-authored several books on her family history and history of the House of Savoy.

Princess Maria Gabriella married Robert Zellinger de Balkany (1931-2015, m. 1969-1990, div) on 12 February 1969 {Source}. They have one daughter, a son-in-law, and four grandchildren:

  • Marie Elisabeth Zellinger de Balkany (1972)
    • Olivier Janssens (m. 2002)
      • Gabriella Luise Maria Janssens (2004)
      • Tommaso Janssens (2005)
      • Paul-Louis Janssens ( 2009)
      • Victor Janssens (2014)

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Royal Profile: Princess Estelle of Sweden, The Duchess of Östergötland

Princess Estelle Silvia Ewa Mary of Sweden, The Duchess of Östergötland was born 23 February 2012 as the first child of Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel {Source}. She has one younger brother{Source}:
  • Prince Oscar Carl Olof of Sweden, The Duke of Skåne (2016)

In accordance with the 1979 Act of Succession, which entered into force on 1 January 1980, Princess Estelle is second in the line of succession, following Crown Princess Victoria{Source}.

Princess Estelle was christened in the Royal Chapel at the Royal Palace on 22 May 2012{Source}. Her godparents were{Source}:
  • Anna Westling Soderstrom (paternal aunt)
  • Prince Carl Philip of Sweden (maternal uncle)
  • Crown Prince Haakon of Norway (friend of her parents, her mother is his eldest child's godmother)
  • King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands (friend of her parents, her mother is his eldest child's godmother)
  • Crown Princess Mary of Denmark (friend of her parents, her mother is her eldest child's godmother)

Although she is only four years old, she already has a collection of Swedish Royal medals including:
  1. Member of the Royal Order of the Seraphim (23 February 2012, presented 22 May 2012) (received as she is part of the Royal Family){Photo}
  2. Commemorative Ruby Jubilee Medal of His Majesty The King (15 September 2013){Photo}
  3. 70th Birthday Celebrations Medal of King Carl XVI Gustaf

She almost shares a birthday with her cousin, Princess Leonore, who is the daughter of Princess Madeleine who was born 20 February 2014 {Source}.

Like her great aunts before her (her grandfather's sisters, Princess Christina, Princess Désirée, Princess Birgitta and Princess Margaretha), she is being raised at the Swedish Haga Palace. She began pre-school in August 2014, and is attending Äventyret Preschool{Source}.

Royal Profile: Crown Prince Naruhito of Japan

Crown Prince Naruhito of Japan was born 23 February 1960 as the eldest son of the then Crown Princely couple {Source}. During his childhood years, he was known as Prince Hiro-no-Miya {Source}. He was invested as Japan's Crown Prince on 23 February 1991, eleven years after his Coming of Age ceremony in 1980{Source}.

Today he serves as honorary vice president to the Japanese Red Cross and Honorary President of the United Nations Secretary-General's Advisory Board on Water and Sanitation{Source}.

Like most of the Japanese Imperial Family, his educational background is extensive. He graduated from Gakushuin University with a degree in History {Source}.From 1983-1985, he studied at Merton College, University of Oxford{Source}. In 1988, he returned to Gakushuin to persue a doctorate degree in Humanities, but never finished{Source}. In 1992, he became a guest researcher for the archives of Gakushuin{Source}.

His engagement was formally announced by the Imperial House Council on 19 January 1993{Source}. His Engagement Ceremony took place on 19 January 1993 to Masako Owada{Source}. He married Owada on 9 June 1993{Source}. Together, they have one daughter{Source}:

  1. Princess Aiko, Princess Toshi-no-Miya (2001)
In April 2019, he will become emperor of Japan after his father's abdication {Source}.

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Royal Profile: Princess Madeleine of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, Duchess of Saxony

Princess Madeleine Aurelia Viktoria Carin of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, Duchess of Saxony  was born 22 Februrary 2017 as the youngest of three children of Hubertus Michael, Hereditary Prince of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, Duke of Saxony & Kelly, Hereditary Princess of of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, Duchess of Saxony {Source}. She has two older siblings{Source}
  • Princess Katharina Victoria Elizabeth Cheryl of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (2014)
  • Prince Philipp Hubertus Andreas Christian of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (2015)
She was baptized in July 2017 with the following as her godparents:
  • Georg Friedrich, Prince of Prussia
  • Princess Anna of Bavaria
  • Alexandra-Nadejda Chrobok Raposo de Magalhães
  • Countess Clémence von der Schulenburg
  • Count Benedikt von Abensperg und Traun
Princess Madeleine was named:

  •  Madeline: likely a name her parents liked
  • Aurelia: likely a name her parents liked
  • Viktoria: for her great grandmother, Countess Viktoria-Luise of Solms-Baruth
  • Carin: for her paternal grandmother Carin Dabelstein

Royal Profile: Archduchess Magdalena of Austria

Archduchess Magdalena Maria Alexandra Zita Charlotte of Austria  was born on 24 Februrary 2016 as the second daughter of Archduke Imre of ...